Have Polyvore Members Lost Everything?

Polyvore Users, Be Confident and Creative Again

Have Polyvore Members Lost Everything?

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Have Polyvore Members Lost Everything?

Polyvore was a popular community-driven online social commerce site that was used by 20 million customers.

It allowed its users to share unique creations in the fields of fashion, beauty and home decoration.

The very talented Polyvore users created stunning “sets” that showcased entire outfits in one image. This included tops, bottoms, dresses, gloves, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and other fashion accessories, such as scarves and hats.

The more creative Polyvore users were able to put together amazing visual representations of an outfit, and more importantly, this allowed customers to purchase a “look” that was perfectly suited to them.

Have Polyvore Members Lost Everything?

Have Polyvore Members Lost Everything?

What Happened to Polyvore?

Ssense purchased Polyvore and shut it down without warning, much to the shock of its users and the rest of the online fashion world.

The unexpected shut down came without warning and surprised and saddened Polyvore users.

They didn’t have a home to share their amazing creations, and they also lost the amazing supportive community they had grown to love.

Do Polyvore Customers Have to Miss Out?

Well, not according to Fashmates!

Here at Fashmates we believe that actions speak louder than words, so we have a dedicated section on our site where you can conveniently upload your creations.

Now, all Polyvore members like you have a new home for your creations.

Best of all Fashmates has saved the day for the Polyvore users by providing live chat to help you ease quickly to our platform, and an easy way to import and upload your Polyvore sets.

Find out how Fashmates is helping and supporting Polyvore customers just like you here.

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