Signing Up with Fashmates is as Easy as I, 2, 3!

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Signing Up with Fashmates is as Easy as I, 2, 3!

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If you are thinking about becoming an online entrepreneur and you love fashion, then signing up to Fashmates is easier than you think.

Sometimes we see a website and see popular fashionistas selling new and gently loved fashion items, and think, “Wow! Why can’t I do that?”

Well you can, and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1. Grab Your Phone

The first thing you need to do is grab your phone.

Next download the Fashmates app – click here

Signing Up with Fashmates

Signing Up with Fashmates is Easy

2. Sign up

Next sign up as a new user. You can use your social media account or your email. Just choose whatever is easiest for you.

Next you have to choose a user name. Make sure that it is something that you like.

Choose a name that reflects your personality and style. You might like to choose something sassy or chic, or something more Boho and down to earth.

Now, choose a great pic that reflects your style. The catchier your profile picture the greater the interest will be in what you have to sell will be.

3. Get Your Fashion Items Ready to Sell

Go to your closet and pull out all those clothes and fashion accessories you don’t wear anymore.

Perhaps you just don’t like the way they look or you simply have too many of one thing – it doesn’t matter because someone else is bound to love them.

Go to ‘Create a Listing” and follow the instructions.

Here is how to create a great description that will get noticed.

Remember to turn on your notifications. You could miss an offer someone makes or a deal promotion, and miss a sale.

Have fun!

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