What Can Fashmates Offer Polyvore Users?

The Fashmates Community Is What Polyvore Users are Looking For

What Can Fashmates Offer Polyvore Users?

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What Can Fashmates Offer Polyvore Users?

After the recent and shocking shut down of Polyvore by Canadian company, Ssense, all of its users are reeling.

No one expected that a site dedicated to fashion and accessories, used by 20 million people, would be closed so suddenly without any kind of warning.

And, for those in the industry it simply doesn’t make sense.

Help is at Hand with Fashmates

Fashmates wants to help all Polyvore customers and get them back online quickly.

Polyvore users can register with Fashmates now to download and import their creations from Polyvore to Fashmates.

There is no charge to sign up with Fashmates and the designated page for Polyvore users can be easily accessed from the homepage banner of our site.

Titled as “import looks”, the page shares details of how Polyvore users can import their creations to Fashmates.

It’s so simple and easy to use.

Polyvore Users Transfer Your Sets to Fashmates

Polyvore Users Transfer Your Sets to Fashmates

How Can Polyvore Users Transfer their Files to Fashmates?

Once you have downloaded your Polyvore sets from Polyvore using this link: account-update.polyvore.com, all you have to do is sign up for free on Fashmates.

Fashmates allows you to keep the same username as Polyvore so your fans can find you quickly, too.

Next, go to Import Page www.fashmates.com/import-looks

Click Upload Button and select the ZIP file that you downloaded.

Once your files have been received you will see the success message. Then just wait for an email from us that tells you your sets have been restored.

If you need more help, we are here at Fashmates to support you through the process.

Just hop onto our chat line and you’ll speak to a real person who understands what you are going through.

Find out how Fashmates is helping and supporting other Polyvore users just like you here.

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