What happened to Polyvore?

What happened to Polyvore?

What happened to Polyvore?

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What happened to Polyvore?

Polyvore was a community-powered shopping site. Just like Fashmates you could buy and sell gently used and pre-loved clothing, and get really creative making sets.

It had a huge customer base, and was very successful according to some sources.

However, when it was recently acquired by a Canadian fashion retailer, Ssense, on April 12 it was shut down. There was no real warning given to the 20 million active users either. They were given until May 15 to download their files from the website and the app.

What Did the Closure of Polyvore Mean for Its Fans?

Well, as can be expected Polyvore fans were not pleased with the move or the way it was handled.

Almost overnight anyone searching for their garments and fashion accessories was redirected to another site.

According to sources, fans were so outraged they made their concerns known on social media by posting and tweeting.

And, who can blame them?

If you had spent time trying to build up your own fan base, and develop your own style and brand then you’ll understand how angry and frustrated they were.

What happened to Polyvore?

What happened to Polyvore users sets?

What Should Polyvore Fans Do Now?

Once trust is broken it’s hard to get it back.

Polyvore fans are asking themselves should they now trust Ssense with their content, and more importantly their stories.

Who can Polyvore Users turn to?

Fashmates has stepped up and is offering Polyvore customers something quite special.

Here at Fashmates we have started online live chat to console these outraged users and help answer any questions. Our goal is to “be there when they need us the most” and provide a gentle human touch. After all, when you want answers on a deeply, personal level why would you want to speak to machine bots, right?

Find out how Fashmates is helping and supporting Polyvore customers here.

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