Who Were the Polyvore Community?

Fashmates is Attracting More Polyvore Users Each Day

Who Were the Polyvore Community?

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Who Were the Polyvore Community?

Breaking News: Fashmates are reconnecting Polyvore users in the best way possible.

The Polyvore community were a tight-knit group of individuals who loved sharing their passion for fashion and design.

They created sets to showcase to the world how fashion should really be viewed – as an entire look rather than just one piece of clothing or an accessory.

However, despite being spread out across the world the Polyvore community were connected in ways way beyond their smartphones or a simple love of beautiful things.

Reports from Polyvore Users

One user reported by Daze Digital explains, “It might seem odd, because I’ve never met any of the friends I made on Polyvore in real life – but when you talk with someone almost daily, you get to know them pretty well,” she explains. “In the end, we weren’t even messaging about the site. We were messaging to ask how each other’s day went, or if someone’s grandma was out of the hospital yet. That was a big reason why the sudden shutdown hurt so much – I was cut off from people I’ve known for years. Some of them were from places like England or Australia, so if Polyvore doesn’t come back the chances of me reconnecting with them are slim to none.”  

Who Were the Polyvore Community?

Who Were the Polyvore Community?

Fashmates Reconnecting Polyvore Users

As soon as they heard the devastating news, Fashmates set up an easy to use console on their website to support Polyvore users.

“We don’t want this community disappearing,” a spokesperson said. “It has been going for over ten years, and having being deleted all of a sudden is a great loss.”

Fashmates users can easily find their ex-Polyvore friends and fans using their FriendFinder option.

It’s so easy and fun to do. There is no need for the Polyvore community to vanish, it has now simply moved to a new home.

Find out how Fashmates is helping and supporting Polyvore users here.

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