3 Popular Fashion Brands You Might Never Have Heard of

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3 Popular Fashion Brands You Might Never Have Heard of

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When it comes to women’s fashion there are literally thousands of brands around.

If you are starting your own business online selling gently-loved clothing it is a good idea that you get to know some of these brands.

While each country has its own fashion designers vying for attention in an overcrowded market, these individuals are talented and create some great garments.

They also have a great upsell value, which can earn you extra dollars in profit.

Here are 3 great brands you may never have heard of, but which you should keep an eye out for in thrift shops.

Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant is a celebrated and talented designer. She collaborated with H&M to create a very popular, luxury brand.

She has a runway signature collection that is well sort after. Her diffusion brand, Étoile, was promoted at fashion shows across the world in the late 1990’s, and is still in demand today.

As well as, amazing garments, Isabel Marant creates stunning shoes, and these sell very well indeed.

Her dresses will sell better and for a higher price than other clothes, so keep your eyes out for these in particular.

3 Popular Fashion Brands You Might Never Have Heard of

Fashion Brands You Might Never Have Heard of

Mes Demoiselles

Mes Demoiselles creates dreamy, bohemian clothing that is very popular.

It’s “gypsy”, country feel is relaxing to wear and beautiful to look at.

While Mes Demoiselles certainly as a target market and is not to everyone’s taste, it will sell well because the style is unique and lots of fun.

Robin’s Jeans

Robin’s Jeans is a French designer who originally opened up store in Beverly Hills.

Their jeans are at the lower end of the price scale, but sell well and will sell quickly so that means a quick turnover for you.

Highly distressed jeans do, however, demand a lot of money and are really popular, so definitely keep your eye out for those.

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