7 Top Tips to Taking Great Photos that Will Attract Customers on Fashmates Part 2

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7 Top Tips to Taking Great Photos that Will Attract Customers on Fashmates Part 2

If you want to sell your items fast, make sure that your pics are clear and show the item in all its details.

This is the second part to making sure you attract as many customers as you can when selling on Fashmates:

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5. Get the Light Right

Use natural light to take your pics. The morning or the evening give the best light.

You don’t want the light to be too harsh or artificial. This can happen if you live in a sunny place and you take pics in the middle of the day.

As well, taking pics under electric light can cast too many deep shadows and spoil your photos. It can also turn whites yellow, and you don’t want that to happen.

Taking Great Photos that Will Attract Customers

Great Photos Will Attract Customers

6. Use Filters on Your Phone

Before uploading your pics use the filters on your phone camera software to make them look even better.

You can crop out any unnecessary things in the background. Use black and while filters to enhance the colors and tone down the shadows.

Use color enhancing apps but make sure they don’t distort the exact color of your item. Reds and oranges can be shown lighter or darker, and this can cause a customer to complain. After all, you wouldn’t be happy if you had bought a red bag and it turned out to be dark orange.

7. Pick Your Cover Photo Carefully

Once you’ve got your pics together choose one that will be your cover shot.

Use one that shows just how fabulous the item you are selling really is. This will be the one that is clear, in focus, and shows the item at its best.

You are looking for that one image that jumps out and says, “Buy me!”

Now, go ahead and start selling on Fashmates today.

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