Adriana Lima’s Body Shock Revelation

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Adriana Lima’s Body Shock Revelation

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Adriana Lima’s Body Shock Revelation

As one of Victoria Secret’s leading models, it might surprise many of you to hear the rumours that Adriana Lima is not going to part of the lingerie modeling scene anymore.

As one time beauty queen, Lima has made a career from appearing near-nude or scantily dressed on the catwalk and in images telecast all over the internet.

Well, that’s what models do, isn’t it?

They wear beautifully designed clothes, and their bodies are an extension of those clothes.

When Body Image is Not Enough

Lima recently published her thoughts on Instagram about how cruelly women treat themselves because they feel their bodies are not good enough.

She stated that she will no longer take her clothes off what she calls an, “for an empty cause”.

She said “something changed in her” when she spoke to a friend who told her she was unhappy with her body, that it made her realize the majority of women probably wake up every morning trying to fit in to a stereotype that society via the fashion industry has inflicted on women.

Adriana-Lima FantaysBra-Chgo 2010-12-10 photoby-Bielawski

Adriana Lima with Fantays Bra

Support and Love

She begins her post with these words, “If you allow me, I want to support you…”

She talks about how her job puts a huge pressure on her and all women to look a certain way, which she refers to as an unfair imposition.

She believes that society is making women physically and mentally unwell with these outrageous standards.

While Lima won’t be leaving modeling altogether, we applaud her for coming out and making a stand.

It’s not easy to walk away from fame and money, and she is one brave women. She’s also a wonderful role model – well done!

However, her spokesperson says that Lima has no intentions of leaving her modeling career, and looks forward to more years strutting the catwalk.

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