All Women Should Feel and Look Great

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All Women Should Feel and Look Great

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All Women Should Feel and Look Great

There is an old saying that states, “Clothes maketh the man.”

Well, here at FashMates we know that clothes maketh the woman, and in more ways than one.

How fabulous do you feel when you step out in that perfect outfit: One you have carefully put together yourself?

As a woman you know how important it is for your confidence to look and feel great. You know that FashMates is a great way to buy preloved fashion clothes and accessories for bargain prices.

But, did you know that when you spend a certain amount on our site, we help other women feel great too?

All Women Should Feel and Look Great

All Women Should Feel and Look Great

How Does FashMates Help Others?

Just one piece of clothing can significantly impact on a woman’s confidence and self-esteem.

That’s why we have incorporated our Social Cause Program into our online shopping platform.

If you shop with FashMates we will donate a fashion item for every $100 sold.

Find out more about our Social Cause Program.

When we donate a fashion item, which might be a dress, a pair of shoes, or something else from our extensive range we will publish proof on our website.

Providing Social Proof to You

We know a lot of companies say they support those less fortunate, but here at FashMates we will prove it. Each time we give in your name we record each individual donation video, and ask the recipient to speak your name.

So now you can shop knowing that others less fortunate than you are being supported to look fabulous.

Take a look at our stunning fashion range today.

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