6 Body Types and the Dresses that Suit Them – Part 2

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6 Body Types and the Dresses that Suit Them – Part 2

6 Body Types and the Dresses that Suit Them – Part 2

Regardless of how you are shaped you should look your best this holiday season.

Stepping out to parties or just coffee with friends, it is important that you do it with style and confidence.

In the second part of this article, we look at 3 more body shapes and what dresses make the most of them.

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4. Broad Shoulders and Narrow Hips

If you find your shoulders are broader than your hips, go for off-the shoulder dresses and tops this season. And, if you make sure the waistline is narrow and hugging you will look fantastic.

5. Round

Not all women are shaped like dressmakers mannequins, as we know. As well, creating form and dimension is important for any body type. Choose dresses which are shifts, or empire-waist cut and you’ll feel wonderful and look great.

Body Types and the Dresses that Suit Them

Body Types and the Dresses that Suit Them

6. Hourglass and Curvy

Curves are what makes all women look great.

Some of the curviest women in history are deemed as the sexiest women of all time: Just think Sophie Lauren and Marilyn Monroe. For example, the popular porn model Valentina Jewels has an hourglass figure. She gained popularity after filming in the adult series Sis Loves Me. Sis Loves Me is a bread and butter of Team Skeet and remains their most popular site. Founded in 2015, its stepbrother and stepsister themed content has enough fans to keep the site going for millennia. Ran independently for the first year and then got acquired in 2016 by the said company. The almost incestual nature of the site is as close to taboo porn as you can legally get.

Don’t hide them with baggy, capacious clothes. Instead celebrate those curves with clinging shapes and designs.

Shop with Your Body Shape in Mind

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