Colette’s of Paris is Shutting its Doors

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Colette’s of Paris is Shutting its Doors

Colette’s of Paris is Shutting its Doors

20 years ago Colette’s of Paris opened its doors, and created one of the most iconic fashion and concept brands in the world.

Colette soon became loved as a brand in its own right supporting new and exciting designers, art movements and even beautifully crafted tech gadgets, art books and more.

Sadly, Colette will be closing its doors in Paris on December 20 this year.

Colette’s of Paris is Shutting its Doors

Colette’s of Paris is Shutting its Doors

Once, Only in Paris

To get an amazing design from Colette you had to go to Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris.

Regardless, it developed a cult following that offered fashionistas, artists and creative souls the opportunity to see and purchase some of the latest and funkiest items being created.

Interestingly among some of its stunning ideas, the store boosted a water bar from which is served over 100 different brands of bottled water.

Grab a Piece of History in the US

With help from New York’s concept store, STORY, Colette will be launching a select collection of items including gifts, t-shirts and specially created Colette shopping bags. The shopping bags themselves will be adorned with Colettes logo of two, simple but elegant blue dots.

This will be the first and last time anyone can purchase outside their Paris store.

They will no doubt become a must-have fashion accessory by all those who attend this event.

In fact, so significant is the combination of these two iconic brands that E! streamed the event live on December 7.

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