How Long Should Fashion Videos Be?

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How Long Should Fashion Videos Be?

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If you are interested in making videos to support your online selling on Fashmates you are not alone.

So far we have created a serious of posts that introduce the many aspects of video creation for fashionistas.

These cover sharing your experiences, using videos to sell your fashion items, and how to build your brand.

One mistake that many people make when they are starting out making videos is making them too long.

Think about your own circumstances. How long do you have in your busy day to watch a video? 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 25 minutes? 10 minutes is a long time in today’s online activity.

So, how long should your videos be?

Experts tell us that you have the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee to make a significant impact on someone.

You have even less time to capture their attention and hold it long enough to get your message across.

How Long Should Fashion Videos Be?

How Long Should Fashion Videos Be?

Keep Your Videos Short

The shorter the videos the better.

To get the maximum impact out of your videos try to keep them under 5 minutes. The most optimal length is 2 minutes.

This means that you don’t have much time to get to the point, but this can be a good thing.

Making a video is like create a Tweet; you have to direct and to the point because you don’t have a lot of space or time.

This will result in your videos being short, sassy and vibrant. You know that you don’t have long so you won’t be tempted to waffle. Instead you’ll be getting to the point quickly, and inspiring your customers to want more.

As well, don’t forget to include the link to your Fashmates Closet in the video and also in the description box under it. That way, watchers can click it immediately and start buying.

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