Ignore Fashion Menswear at Your Peril

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Ignore Fashion Menswear at Your Peril

Ignore Fashion Menswear at Your Peril

Now if you love fashion and like to dress your man in the latest trends, then you’ll know that there is a limited selection of things men can wear.

There are the standard suits, waistcoats, jackets for formal or business wear. Then there are shorts and a t-shirt for days at the beach.

However, while fashion is limited for men it doesn’t mean we can’t steal a few ideas and add them to our own closet.

Ignore Fashion Menswear at Your Peril

Ignore Fashion Menswear at Your Peril

Mastering Menswear

Women in menswear is not new, but it is a look that most women can carry off really well.

Combine a men’s shirt in a light pastel color with dark pants and you are on your way to mastering menswear.

Some women have taken the suit waistcoat and added vibrant colored, pin-striped shirts for an amazing feminine-masculine look.

Well, tailored pants with the hem just sitting below your ankle will add accent and style to your outfit.

Adding a Touch of the Feminine

After you have selected your outfits based on menswear, don’t let the dark colors or formal straight lines hide your femininity.

Combine a red belt or orange handbag with your menswear. Also, why not wear a bright colored pair of pumps or glitzy jewelry, and you’ll look amazing.

The idea behind adding something feminine and bright is not to distract, but as a reminder of how powerful you are and how well you are making this style work for you.

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