Is Using FashMates Complicated?

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Is Using FashMates Complicated?

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Is Using FashMates Complicated?

FashMates is a great way to buy and sell your fashionable clothes and accessories.

We have a wonderful range of the latest fashion clothes, items, not to mention, accessories to suit any woman’s wardrobe.

However, unlike some fashion reselling platforms, FashMates is so easy to use – it’s like child’s play!

Download the App

First you need to visit the iTunes store and download our app – click here.

Once it is installed, simply create your own account manually or just use your social media log in details.

Go Through Your Closet

Go to your closet and sort through it. Pick out any items you no longer wear.

Now, this might be hard for some women, but needs must, and you know if you clear out some of your clothes and accessories, you are making room for new ones!

Is Using FashMates Complicated?

Is Using FashMates Complicated?

Take an Image

Using the app, take an image of each item you want to sell.

Follow the prompts and we’ll do the rest. Our photo enhancement software will even make your photos look better, so you don’t have to worry if your images don’t look like they have been taken by a professional.

What About Shipping?

We’ve made that easy too!

Once your item has been sold, we’ll send you the shipping label, then all you have to do is post the item.

Simply print the label and stick it on any box. Arrange for a free USPS pickup or drop the box off at a nearby mailbox or USPS office.

It’s exciting, simple and fun – let’s get you started today – download our app.

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