Never Wear a Boring Coat; Not Ever!

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Never Wear a Boring Coat; Not Ever!

Never Wear a Boring Coat; Not Ever!

One thing some fashionistas neglect is their coat.

Sure, it is a large, heavy item which you wear in poor weather when going from one place to another, and when you arrive it is quickly discarded, but one rule fashion designers tell us is never wear a boring coat.

What to Look For in a Coat

Coats come in different styles and designs. They also come in a variety of different materials, and this is what you should look for in a coat.

If you want to accent your waist wear a coat which is thinner and looks great bunched up. Trench coats are great for this kind of look.

Warmer coats are made from heavier materials and tend to drop straight from the shoulders or flare slightly at the knees.

These look great and will keep you warm, and with the right bag or scarf you will look marvelous.

Never Wear a Boring Coat; Not Ever!

Never Wear a Boring Coat; Not Ever!

Do Colors Matter?

The color of your coat is extremely important.

This year’s fashion designers are pointing us to lighter colors, which look great on drab and dreary days.

You’ll stand out on a dark, gloomy street in a stunning red or white coat.

Don’t forget your shoes either.

Now, depending upon what you have on under your coat make sure your shoes don’t distract too much from the excitement you are trying to create with your coat.

Remember, outerwear should never be an afterthought, so take stock of the coats you have and if you are not one hundred percent satisfied, replace them immediately.

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