Sell online for free with FashMates

Refer a Friend and Earn Reward Points With Great Fashion Bargains

Sell online for free with FashMates

Sell online for free with FashMates

If you are looking to earn some extra cash and would like to clear out all of your unwanted fashion clothes and accessories, you don’t need to pay a seller’s fee with FashMates.

Many online retail stores which encourage individual women like you will charge you a fee to sell your items. That fee has to be paid whether you sell the item or not.

If you are serious about setting up a small online business these fees can add up. You may find yourself passing them onto the customer making your items dearer and more difficult to sell because they are less competitive.

Sell online for free with FashMates

Sell online for free with FashMates

How is FashMates Different?

FashMates allows you to sell your items for free. We only take a commission after the item is sold.

However, if you choose not to withdraw the cash, you can turn it into rewards points and use them to purchase some of our great fashion items.

Sell online for free with FashMates

Sell online with FashMates

Our Seller Protection Program

You can trust our Seller Protection Program to look after all the boring details many online retailers face.

We send them the shipping labels, and take care of refunds or complaints.

This results in a stress-free selling experience for the seller, and more and more great things to purchase for the buyer.

FashMates is the Place to Start Your Next Fashion Business

Here at FashMates we want to make your online selling experience a stress free and profitable one. That is why we look after all of our sellers.

Let’s get started today – Download our free app here.

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