Share Your Buying Experiences with Videos

Share Your Buying Experiences in Video

Share Your Buying Experiences with Videos

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If you are a regular customers to Fashmates, and a seller, you may want to share your buying experience on video.

This not only benefits others wanting to use Fashmates, but also you too.

How you ask?

Well, if someone isn’t sure if Fashmates is right for them getting an honest and unbiased opinion is a good way for them to make up their mind.

If you have been following our video making posts, you’ll know how to use videos to sell your items and build your brand.

You can also use videos to share your experiences as a buyer.

Share Your Buying Experiences with Videos

Share Your Buying Experiences with Videos

Discuss Issues But Be Fair

When making any video the best approach is to be yourself and be honest.

We love our platform, but we want you and others to love it too.

If you are going to discuss any issues you have had buying on Fashmates please be fair. If you had an issue talk about how it was resolved. Discuss what happened and explain all the details.

No one trusts a person who goes on a rant. Instead, your videos should show you as a thoughtful and considerate person.

We are always available to discuss any issues that arise, and we are here to help.

Discuss the Benefits

Create a video about how you love to shop at Fashmates, and discuss the benefits.

Was the item you bought shipped in a timely manner? Was it described well?

Do you think the commission rates are fair? (We know they are one of the lowest in the market, but do others?)

Include the link to your Fashmates Closet in the video and also in the description box under it. That way, watchers can click it immediately and start buying.

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