What Not To Sell on Fashmates

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What Not To Sell on Fashmates

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We want you the seller and your customers to have the best experience possible on Fashmates.

We rely on our sellers to be honest and treat their customers with the respect they would want for themselves.

With this in mind, here is a guide to what not to sell on Fashmates.

Badly Used Clothing

You can’t sell stained, ripped pieces of clothing. You can’t see a garment that has holes in it either.

If the garment is too grubby for you to wear, than chances are no one else will want it either.

Even if you do include issues in your listing people don’t often read it thoroughly.

Your potential customers are looking for Gently Used Clothing – click here to see what that means.

What Not To Sell on Fashmates

This great photo shows how well cared for these jeans are.

Scuffed Shoes and Boots

If you have shoes or boots which are badly worn they won’t do either.

Many shoes get worn at the toes and above the heel from driving.

If the marks are look bad, and the material is damaged they aren’t worth selling.

Does the Item Smell?

If you are a smoker your clothes and everything in your house is going to smell of cigarettes.

A non-smoker may find this offensive.

As well, pets can leave smells on your clothes, and clothes that are not dried properly will smell damp and musty.

If you are not sure how your clothes smell ask a trusted friend.

Alternatively, get items dry cleaned and remove all doubt.

If you have clothes which are badly worn or smell throw them away, it is not worth the hassle of dealing with customer complaints or returns.

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