Who were the Worst Dressed Men of 2017?

The Worst Dressed Men of 2017

Who were the Worst Dressed Men of 2017?

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Who were the Worst Dressed Men of 2017?

Up until a few years ago, male celebs and stars didn’t have to worry much about what they wore. Off stage and screen, most popped on the classic black suit and did it with style.

Today the male fashion industry is worth millions, and of course, there are those who are rocking it with style, and sadly, those who are not.

British GQ has just released their annual worst dressed list and you may be surprised to see who is on it.

Worst Dressed Actor for 2107 – Kit Harington

Maybe it is his good looks or his tussled black hair that makes Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington think he doesn’t have to try, but sadly he’s got it wrong.

He doesn’t seem to put any effort into how he is dressed, and that’s the main reason GC have put him on top of the list.

It’s Not Just Celebs Who Aren’t Trying

Elon Musk also got on the list; not that we think he cares.

Like many brilliant entrepreneurs, Steve Jobs in particular, Elon Musk has taken one old fashioned and ugly piece of clothing and made it his own.

He is often seen fronting the camera and telling the world how to ward off environmental disaster in strange velvet jackets.

Elon Musk 2015

Elon Musk – The Worst Dressed Men of 2017

Others who got on the list are Members of Parliament, in particular, Jacob Rees-Mogg, and comedian Paul Merton, not to mention a whole swag of messy dressers.

We think you’ll know why when you see the pic below.


Paul Merton – The Worst Dressed Men of 2017

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